Sunday, 18 December 2011

apple pie

i decided to make some apple pie that similiar to the mc'd...i stumbled with this recipe
so i tried it for the very first's turn out lovely, but not sooo perfect, but i'm pretty sure i'll back to make them one fine day with perfection result...made on 10/12/11 for mummy's teabreak.


MY SIS made this FOR MY MOM teabreak 11/12/11

A SIMPLE yet irresistible to munch....seriusly.. it's a snack that u must have it
oil , for frying
2 cups all purpose flour
as enough water to made a nice batter (not to thick or thin batter)
1 onion - diced
1 potato - diced
salt & pepper to tasted
1/2 cube ''anchovy/ikan bilis'' flavour

heat oil
add all the dry ingredients, add water  till u have a nice mixture that can be spoon off,
add in anchovy cube , salt & pepper.
fried till golden crispy
served with chili sauce or garlic chili sauce.

stir fried spaghetti veggies.

the only food  that can full your tummy without feeling with extra veggies....hehe sounds innocent eh...lols

ok say no cooked for our lunch on 11/12/11.

accompany with a dory fillet with some salad vinagrette

for salad dressing recipe please refer here

dory fillet
4 dory - cut 1/2, cleaned and seasoned with black pepper & salt
1 egg - light beat
ing A
1/2 cup corn flour
3 tbsp all purpose flour
1 tsp tumeric / curry powder
salt & pepper to taste

add all ing A.
coated fillet in the egg mixture
then coated fillet with flour mixture
then fried till golden crispy.


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

salam aidiladha

this year we celebrated aidiladha with my mom's family...for the past 2 years, we celebrated aidiladha with my dad...miss that moment :)

what we had for breakfast on 5/11/11

started our journey to kmpg at 3pm..safely reached kmpg 6.30 pm.  when we reached 285, stumbled with the heavy traffic...!!

we  joined our ayah syam & mama at melaka

we had banjo burger in the car .....prepared by mummy.

our dinner cooked with loves & laughs by mak lang, mummy & mama...:)) tq all:))

RV CUPCAKES with creamcheese topping...:)) yummy......

 PANDAN CHIFFON CAKE made by mummy....our mom also baked CARAMEL CAKE

and off coz..what aidiladha w/o  foods..a lots of food....

back to shah alam on 7/11/11 after we had nasi lemak cooked by mama for breakfast...:))
bye2 abah tok..we gonna miss u..thx u to all...we shall meet again:)) LOVE U ALL...

Friday, 4 November 2011


yesterday, a humid mom cooked some kuih muih for our tea break.

 DONUT...the fluffy donut that i ever tasted..recipe refer HERE

i tried to mold the donut with cookie turn out awesome and cute little flower!!!

curry puff ...recipe refer HERE PLEASE

 PAU with red bean filling...refer recipe here

the result is  HAPPY TUMMY....:)))

Monday, 31 October 2011

MONTEREZ club @ sunterez cafe

we had lunch on 28/10/11.

we had this peach totally refreshing

3 bttle for rm10
free2 bottle..:))

my bro lunch nasi goreng cina...

this chili to be eaten with kue teow cantonese ordered by my sis...end up mummy and her shared the meal:))

kue teow cantonese ...slurppp slurpppp....

my kind of meal....nasi ayam steam....
nasi lagi??? my mom asked with jelingan matanya.....ngeee  adoiiiii..:))))

kopitiam bangi @ TTDI

one of my dad's fav. place for 'makan-makan'. last 28/10/11.. we have our breakfast there....

MY MOM'S breakfast - toasted bread with egg - yummy......:))

my mom's coffee

my dad's breakfast - 3/4 boil egg

my sis's drink - warm soya

 mine...same as my bro - NASI GORENG CHIC CHOP

 my other bro - chicken chop

my dad's all time fav....the ''round round'' curry puff - cant stop munching till it liao lorr!!

mee udang for my sis.

Sunday, 30 October 2011


MY sis cooked pasta for brunch doing a classic fried banana..:))
the banana that i used is called 'pisang tanduk' dont ask me why it's been called that way...:))
the banana that my mummy received from her FB friend during gathering last deepavali...

cut the banana 1.5cm thick
the batter
3/4 cup of flour
1/4 cup of corn flour
a pinch of salt
some yellow colouring / 1tsp of tumeric powder

in a bowl, dilute all ing with water, (as enough water) to make a smooth batter (not too thick or too runny)
and coat the banana with batter & deep fry banana . fry til it yellow golden. served hot.
my parent loves to eat with 'sambal hitam'

akeela's farfalle layer

basicly it's a lasagne recipe, but i love this 'farfalle/bow tie' pasta so much, i switched the lasagne sheet to this pasta.

it's a simple recipe & i'm gonna share it with u

1)-  boil for 8 mins (farfalle pasta) - drained & with running water tap wash the pasta & put aside.
2)-  grease baking tin / casserole bowl with butter.
3)-  lay the farfalle to the bottom of the bowl, then lay some beef, scoop some bechamel sauce & sprinkle cheese on the bechamel sauce surface. keep doing the layering process till it finish.

the beef
400 gm of ground beef
1 cloves of garlic -diced
1 onion - diced
1 packet of  old el paso taco seasoning mix -but u can use other product

heat pan with some olive oil & saute garlic, onion, add in ground beef
pepper & salt to taste & add in seasoning mix, ....cooked well. &
put aside.

this is the last layer of farfalle,
after the bechamel sauce , i layered with lots of cheese. (refer the next & next pic)
the bechamel sauce on the surface of farfalle

bechamel sauce my way
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp flour
1 to 2 cups of milk
1 tsp parsley / italian herbs
heat a pot with butter & add in flour, keep on stirring and add in milk, keep on stirring (best works with hand whisk)
let it simmer& thicked . off flame & yr sauce is ready to use

the mozarella cheese & cheddar cheese
and yr pasta ready to baked.
170'c for 20  mins or more ..depends on yr oven....

the finish product.....fuyoooooo so yummy.....:))



method to make heart shape follow this LINK

recipe for cake follow this recipe. me double the mixture to get 6 layers of cake.

"It always Rain before there is Rainbow"