Wednesday, 9 November 2011

salam aidiladha

this year we celebrated aidiladha with my mom's family...for the past 2 years, we celebrated aidiladha with my dad...miss that moment :)

what we had for breakfast on 5/11/11

started our journey to kmpg at 3pm..safely reached kmpg 6.30 pm.  when we reached 285, stumbled with the heavy traffic...!!

we  joined our ayah syam & mama at melaka

we had banjo burger in the car .....prepared by mummy.

our dinner cooked with loves & laughs by mak lang, mummy & mama...:)) tq all:))

RV CUPCAKES with creamcheese topping...:)) yummy......

 PANDAN CHIFFON CAKE made by mummy....our mom also baked CARAMEL CAKE

and off coz..what aidiladha w/o  foods..a lots of food....

back to shah alam on 7/11/11 after we had nasi lemak cooked by mama for breakfast...:))
bye2 abah tok..we gonna miss u..thx u to all...we shall meet again:)) LOVE U ALL...

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