Saturday, 11 May 2013

fried brinjal

mummy cooked this together with tofu stuffed with tuna rice

fried brinjal
recipe by : sasha

1 medium size brinjal - diced to small size
1 red chili - finely chopped
1 egg - lightly beat
1/2 onion - blend
1 tbsp of dried shrimp - soaked for 5 mins & blend
1garlic - blend
salt and white pepper to taste

heat pan with some oil
fried blend onion, garlic & dried shrimp till fragrant
add egg & red chili and scramble it
add brinjal & cook till brinjalwell cooked
add salt and white pepper to tasted
ready to served

njoy your vegetables!!

shepherd's pie

my ultimate favourite dish
it is a really easy dish that does not required a precisely measurement of ing.
first u have to prepare mash potatoes. u can follow this recipe or any other good recipe that u keep.
than prepare the meat. u can follow this recipe.

i also made a mini version of shepherd's pie


tofu stuffed with rice

a complete meal aka snack for dinner.
tofu stuffed with rice. the rice can be plain rice or you can turn to whatever flavour as u wished. mummy prepared it using tuna rice.

a simple meal that worth trying!!!

 cut tofu to two

cook rice as ussual - using short grain rice and mixed the rice with fried tuna
stuffed  tofu with the tuna rice

top the rice with fried brinjal or whatever fried vegetables as your desired and egg roll.
and then served them.

it is easy
it is yummy
& it is really stuffed your tummy!!

tuna fried with bellpepper

tuna fried with bellpepper
recipe by : sasha

1 can of tuna (with sunflower oil or brine water) - drained using a filter
1 onion - dice
1/2 green bellpepper - dice
1/2 red bell pepper - dice
1 garlic - chopped
2 tbsp chili paste
salt sugar to taste

heat some oil in a pan
saute garlic and onion
add in chili paste - let them cook for a while
add in tuna , stir well
add in bell pepper
add in salt and sugar to taste
cook them till it turn a little bit dried.
off the stove and garnish with some spring onion

yummy tuna!!