Wednesday, 13 June 2012

seafood fried pasta

HI! Another pasta recipe from me :D
Surprisingly, I made the fresh pasta by myself. Its Homemade pasta! (:
So I thought the plain pasta is so boring with plain surface. I had this amazing idea to whom wanna try out this recipe with some curly springy pasta. You will need a chopstick then just curl on it and let it dry. Isnt that easy?! :P

seafood fried pasta
recipe : akeela

500 gm of preferable pasta - cooke according to the packet instructions - wash & drained - put aside
For whom wanna try out the homemade pasta recipe, please refer Here

2 garlics - fine sliced
1 onion - fine sliced
1/2 lemon juice - can add more if u prefer
1/2 lemon - grated lemon skin
2 red chilies - deseed
1 cucumber - deseed
1 tsp of mixed herbs
salt, sugar& pepper to tasted

saute garlic & onion .
add in crabstick and prawn & mixed herbs
add in lemon juice and grated lemon
add in chili and cucumber and the pasta
salt, sugar & pepper to tasted
ready to served.

HAPPY ME! :B Be jelly!

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