Tuesday, 6 November 2012

our neighbour moving out. :(


how times flies...  it's already november..a year passed in just a blink of an eye
how i wish i can turn back time...
2012 is not my year..it a sad year to me..
still am lucky coz my sister and my mom always by my side..  teary eyes....
i just hope things got better each day each time...
and really hope it will end soon...
nobody loves to see me laugh.. to see me happy...
cant they just be happy when am happy?.... ok enough with my sad intro.....

today am sharing about my neighbour, our 8 years neighbour moved already.
to aunty lyn and uncle nazri.. wish u all the best
we gonna miss u all.. especially nurin , aqil & aniq..:)
gonna miss them soooooo soooo much...

mom cooked for our neighbour, nasi lemak, fried mee hoon , sausage bun & cinnamon bun.

then that evening uncle nazri & aunty lyn treat us dinner.. THANK YOU so much aunty & uncle..:)
dinner were good & so yummy with a company like uncle &  aunty..

 the finished product..hehehehehe
look at the empty glass and plate... me and my sister like
''having a war with the food'' we just attacked the fish to the end!!..hehehe happy tummy as my mom always said.

THANK YOU2 so much to uncle nazri & aunty lyn.
me & my sister really enjoyed it.... specially the sweet sour fish...

am not sure the name of the restaurant...located excatly beside wet world... will surf the name of the restaurant and share with all.

me my sis & nurin

pray for me & my family.
ALHAMDULLILAH for the rezeki from ALLAH.
bless my mom , my family & my neighbours.

insyALLAH all will be well later on... amin..... still teary eyes.......

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